AWO Migrationsberatung für erwachsene Zuwanderer (MBE)

The advice service for immigrants advises and supports adult immigrants. You can discuss all subjects concerning everyday life as part of the advice, for example:

  • German courses and integration courses
  • Profession / Job
    How do I find work? Help with the creation of application documents.
  • Recognition of qualifications
    Assistance in the recognition of professional qualifications, for example recognition of educational certificates, university degrees, diploma.
  • Legal status of Your stay in Germany
    Visa, residence permit, work permit, citizenship etc.
  • Economic situation
    Income, social welfare assistance (SGB II), unemployment benefit, child allowance, debt, scholarship.
  • Housing Looking for somewhere to live, financing a flat or house
  • Health
    Health insurance, health care system in Germany.
  • Family
    Marriage, divorce, pregnancy, childcare, School, Recreational.

The advice is free. We write letters for you, fill out applications and make phone calls with authorities. We speak German, English, Russian, Arabic and Hebrew.


Untere Karspüle 12
37073 Göttingen

Monday till Thursday:    09:00 - 12:00 Uhr
Monday and Thursday:  14:00 - 16:00 Uhr            
and by telephone agreement 

Phone number: 0551 57739
Fax:                 0551 5316305

Hann. Münden
Hinter der Stadtmauer 6
34346 Hann. Münden

Phone number: 05541 4675 oder 055157739



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